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Solid State High Frequency Welder

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Solid State High Frequency Welder

Solid State High Frequency Welder
Solid State High Frequency Welder Solid State High Frequency Welder Solid State High Frequency Welder Solid State High Frequency Welder Solid State High Frequency Welder Solid State High Frequency Welder

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Solid State HF Welder
Components Rectifier cabinet
Inverter cabinet( with one set of air condition)
Water-water cooling system
3D adjustable bracket
Output leg
Rectifier cabinet (1) The rectifier cabinet adopts high power SCR component to rectify, meanwhile, several harmonic absorb and LC parts of harmonic filtering are designed in the equipment. That can reduce output voltage pulsation of the equipment and improve ripple factor target.
(2) The output ripple factor of the equipment can achieve 1%. That ensures the quality of welding seam, and avoids electric network jamming from harmonic component.
Modular inverter cabinet (1) It provides the power supply to weld the pipe. The main power part adopts Vishay company IRFP460 and DSEI60-06A diode composing current type inverter.
(2) The output power of single layer power module is 50KW, the equipment are parallel connected by multilayer power module. The rated work frequency is 400KHz.. The same power module can exchange each other. This power module can work steadily in 600Hz,therefore it can work in 400Hz easily. The technique of the equipment is mature.
Recycling soft water cooling system (1) All closed loop cooling: Stop the foreign matter go into the pipeline in case to lead to pipeline blockage
(2) Soft water cycle: no scale formation to cause pipeline, water-cooled parts, water cooled capacitors, water-cooled reactor, welding transformer damage by overheating.
(3) Temperature control is ideal: Due to the water-water cooling plate heat exchanger is influenced by the ambient temperature and humidity is small, water temperature can control.
(4) It covers an area of small and can be placed with any power supply
(5) Using stainless steel pumps in domestic brand, water tanks and pipeline, valves are all made of stainless steel.
External oil-immersed step-down transformer Heavy type step-down transformer adopts oil-immersed transformer, it can reduce AC 380V to 200V for rectifier cabinet supply and provide reliable power output, long life.
Console It adjusts the power of solid state welder and can remote operating.
(1) Fault diagnosis display - to guide operating personnel successfully pass starting HF welder for every time and display the status fault diagnosis in order to obtain the least downtime and maximum productivity
(2) Power control by potentiometer: provides precise welding power control
(3) Heating ON/OFF button and indicator light: provide safe and simple operation
Output plate for induction welder It can meets the requirement of induction welding in using location and equips quick compression joint device of inductor along with equipment and convenient user replacement inductor.
3D adjustable bracket The 3D adjustable bracket is provided along the equipment;It can move inductor up, down and left, right and forward, backward relative to the steel pipe. To ensure the technology adjustment is convenient.

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